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Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important. Staff members welcome your notes and calls. Teachers are usually available to accept
phone calls from 8:10 am to 8:25 am and immediately after school at 2:55 p.m. The office will take messages anytime, and the teacher will return the call as
soon as practical. 
We also have email for parent/school communication. The email addresses are provided by clicking on the teacher’s name link below.
If you are concerned about something please:
1. Talk to the teacher first. Besides you, the teacher has the most direct contact with your child.
2. If the situation is still not resolved, please feel free to talk with an administrator.
Administration and Office Staff
Will Jones - Principal
Rebecca Matt - Vice Principal
Genevieve Williams - Administrative Assistant
Becky Sierras - Office Assistant
Ally Seuferer - Office Assistant

Transitional Kindergarten PM
Sonja Pearson - D Track
Kindergarten AM
Judy Maddox - A Track
Christie Lamson - B Track
Shannon Huyett - D Track 
First Grade 
Chris Tierney - A Track
Nathan Ramos - B Track
Rhonda Davis - C Track 
Carol Trimble - D Track
Second Grade
Nancy Shimizu - A Track
Vanessa Ryder - B Track 
Amanda Lamar - C Track 
Stephane Banda - D Track
Third Grade
Becky Gipson - B Track
Karen Durham - C Track 
Sally Oster - D Track
Third/Fourth Grade Combo
Erin Bass - A Track

Fourth Grade
Stacy O’Brien - A Track 
Amy Orlando - B Track 
Ingrid Becker - C Track 
Gina Garcia - D Track
Fifth Grade
Cierra Parker - A Track
Holly Friesen - B Track
Theresa Perez - C Track
Jackie Nugent - D Track
Sixth Grade
Melody Bruch - A Track 
Laura Barrett - A Track 
Tara Hoisington - B Track
Terri Ruff - C Track 
Adrienne Saake - D Track
LEVEL 3 Program Traditional Calendar
Daisy Ortiz - Preschool
Lisa Stamp - Preschool 
Roselyn Baker - Grades K-2
Dana Mastro - Grades 2-3
Sandra Moreno - Grades 4-6
Halley Gearheard - Grades 4-6
Julie Anna Manley - Psychologist
Sophia Van - Speech-Language Pathologist 
Learning Center
Rebecca Popham - Education Specialist 
Cristina Martinez - Education Specialist 
Devin Keskeys - Speech-Language Pathologist
Support Teaching Staff
Anne Stephan - Academic Intervention 
Kathy Cooper - Academic Intervention 
Cynthia Campos - Instructional Coach
Daniel Goehring - Physical Education 
Lolly Jones -  Physical Education
Stephanie Hunkins - Computer Resource
Lynny Huynh - School Nurse 
Thien Phan - School Nurse
Occupational Therapy
Michelle Nguyen - Occupational Therapist
Kimberly Jorgensen - Occupational Therapy Assistant
Support Staff
Holly Jaeger - Psychologist
Esra Jordan - Mental Health Therapist
Savy Noun - Behavior Support Specialist/PBIS Coach
Rosie Viera - School Librarian
Department of Family & Community Engagement (FACE)
Dezaray Holden - Family, School, Community Liaison
Food and Nutrition
Amy McMahon - Cafeteria/Kitchen
Sabir Karim - Lead Custodian
Dong (Mae) Huang - Night Custodian
Ulbia Monroy - Night Custodian